Lucktastic Android Facelift – Available in the Google Play Store

The team at Lucktastic has been working very hard to get something amazing to you guys.  Last month, we gave our Facebook fans a sneak-peek (be sure to ‘Like’ us for the inside scoop on everything Lucktastic).  Some of you may have already seen it, but today, I’m here to officially reveal what that top secret project was.

Introducing the brand new Lucktastic Android app, available now in the Google Play Store!


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Customer Support: What Lucktastic fans are saying

My fellow Lucktastic fans, instead of sharing some FAQs with this week, I would like to show you some interesting stats I collected from our Customer Support corner. And this is how I created the stats. Continue reading

Instant Win Scratch Cards – Where did they come from?

Scratch cards, also known as scratchers, scratchoffs, scratch-its, scratch tickets, the list goes on, are so familiar that I’m willing to bet someone you know is at least a semi-frequent player of them.  It may be your mom, your grandmother, your uncle, your best friend, or maybe it’s YOU who is the lover of instant win scratch cards.lucktastic_scratch_card

Fun, exciting, entertaining, are all adjectives that I’ve heard people use to describe scratch cards.  The positive feelings are abundant, but how many of you fans know where the idea of instant win scratch cards came from?

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How to Make a DIY Photo Wall

We love hearing from Lucktastic players, and it’s an extra special treat when y’all send us photos.  To brighten up our office with all your big smiles, we decided to make a DIY photo wall. Here’s how we did it.


  • photos
  • baker’s twine (or another type of string)
  • mini clothespins
  • 3M Command Hooks (“Decorating Clips”)
  • ruler or tape measure
  • pencil


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Lucktastic FAQs Asked & Answered

Lucktastic has been in your hands for a while now and we have already received some interesting questions from you all! I want to take this opportunity to start sharing with you the most common and the most unique FAQs our support team has received, so far! So welcome to the Lucktastic Support world…
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4 Good Luck Charms That You May Or May Not Have Heard Of

A couple of days ago, I found a ladybug hanging out on my desk in the office.  Since I’ve heard that ladybugs are lucky, I opted to let the pretty thing out the window rather than killing it.  There’s no harm in doing everything that I can to boost my luck right?  Here are four other good luck charms that you’ve never heard of.

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